10 Ways You Get Involved


10 ways you can get involved...


1. Volunteer for change. Volunteer for your community

Can you offer time and skills to your local centre? Whether your expertise is IT, maintenance, administration, number-crunching, or that of an artistic nature, we want to hear from you. In return for as much or as little time as you can spare, you’ll be helping make Fitzrovia a better place to live and work.

To find out more, please email facilities@fitzroviacentre.org


2. Green fingers for our garden

Our community garden is a hidden treasure, with buckets of potential. We’d love to have a community gardener with some knowledge and lots of passion to maintain and develop it.

To find out more, please email facilities@fitzroviacentre.org


3. Join our warm and friendly reception team

The friendly faces in our reception are some of the most important at the centre. Could you volunteer a few hours to greet our visitors and make them feel welcome? It’s a lovely role and you’ll really get to know the neighbourhood, plus develop the skills needed to be an experienced front of house worker.

To find out more, please email centreadministrator@fitzroviacentre.org


4. Become part of our decision-making team

Being a trustee for the Fitzrovia Centre means making choices that will have an impact on the lives of people who live, work and play in Fitzrovia. Our trustees make a huge difference to their local area and the wider community. In doing this, the skills that they foster and develop include strategic planning, marketing, financial, teamwork, marketing and fundraising. Please let us know if you or your employees have time and talents to spare in order to join the board.

To find out more, please email facilities@fitzroviacentre.org


5. You can also help, simply by giving us feedback on our services

We are constantly look at ways we can improve and evolve, in the best interest of the community, so please feel very free to email any feedback you have on our services or the centre as a whole to either communication@fitzroviacentre.org or bookings@fitzroviacentre.org. We really value your opinions.

Alternatively, you can complete one of our following feedback forms, designed for hirers, users, and parents of children partaking in activities.


6. Would you like to contribute to our monthly e-bulletin?

Over 20 local organisations have participated in writing a piece for our e-bulletin, which goes out to over 1000 people in the local and wider communities in the third week of each month. It is a great way to advertise, share information and discuss issues.

Perhaps you have a story to tell? Or something special worth noting for the benefit of the community?

For more information, please email communication@fitzroviacentre.org.


7. Fundraising and Donations

Are you a keen cyclist? Fancy a climb up Mount Snowdon? Or are you just really into bungee jumping? If you would like to raise funds for your community’s centre, we want to hear from you.

We can provide you with all the information you need for fundraising.

The reward is knowing that your funds will directly impact the quality of the Centre’s services, thus improving the lives of your fellow locals. Your generous spirit and effort could make a huge difference.

We are so thankful for the amount of donations we have received so far. From chairs and desks, arts and crafts materials, to milk and sugar. As a self sufficient centre for the community we are so appreciative of everything we receive and it really is making a difference to our users.


8. Be social

Please help us maintain a strong online presence by sharing community stories across social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our handle is @FitzroviaCentre and we encourage you to post images of you here at the centre using the hashtags #FitzroviaCentre, #Fitzrovia, and #InspireEmpowerCreate or just follow us to keep up to date with our latest news and events.


9. Focus Groups

Do you want to have a say in your community but not sure how? We are really keen in creating focus groups where people of the community can share beliefs, perceptions, and opinions of particular products, services, or issues.

For more information, please contact communication@fitzroviacentre.org


10. Distribution

Throughout the calendar year we have promotional material packs, brochures, flyers and invites to distribute to the community. Within our small team we have struggle to deliver hard copies to everybody.

We would be grateful to have a team of individuals who enjoy a stroll and who know the area well to lend a hand with distributing such material.

Do you think this could be you? If so, please email communication@fitzroviacentre.org